Our Commitment

Wahl, as an ethical global manufacturer and distributor of electrical appliances, realizes the environment is a key stakeholder, along with our customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, communities, and countries where we do business.

  • We are genuinely committed to reducing our impact on the environment.
  • We will strive to define world-class best environmental impact practices and achieve ambitious targets.
  • We will continually reduce energy used and materials consumed throughout our end-to-end supply chain processes.
  • We will set a good example to our stakeholders by actively promoting sustainability, recycling, and using environmentally friendly materials wherever practical.
  • We are committed as Environmental Stewards and promote recycling including batteries and electronic hardware as Universal Waste rather than disposal as hazardous waste.  This also reduces natural resources demand and removes toxins from the solid waste stream.  Please join us in the vital effort and recycle.

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